About Aabentoft

A/S Aabentoft offers services and total solutions within the REHAB and MEDICO industries throughout Denmark.

Our headquarters are located in the northern part of Aarhus, and we have a subdivision on the island of Zealand. The company started with one man in 1985 and has now grown to employ a staff of 22.

In step with the expansion of the company, both our know-how and our objectives have grown, and we work hard every day to reach and improve on these.

About the REHAB industry

Total solutions for the control of joystick-controlled electric wheelchairs and all kinds of service and repairs of electric wheelchairs and other forms of assistive devices are among the company’s strengths. We consider ourselves specialists within these areas.

We consider ourselves the best people in the industry to handle specialised tasks related to electric wheelchairs. We intend to continue being the best, and so we continually work hard to get even better.

Every wheelchair user is unique, which requires every wheelchair to be unique, too. This is quite clear as practically every day we are asked to handle issues that we have not seen

before, despite our many years of experience. We see this as a challenge, and we handle every single task with great care and expertise. This all helps us remain market leaders.

We are proud to have our own development department and production of electrical and mechanical components. The development department continually presents improvements for the everyday life of wheelchair users, both on a small and on a large scale.

We also specialise in mounting and adapting computer equipment, communication equipment and environment control on electric wheelchairs.

A/S Aabentoft collaborates with and is sub supplier to all leading suppliers of assistive devices and communication equipment in Denmark – and we are proud of this.

Furthermore, we always aim to be able to offer a complete range of electrical and mechanical components for assistive devices / electric wheelchairs.

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About the MEDICO industry

A/S Aabentoft has its own specialist department within medico-technical equipment with the main emphasis on molecular biology, immunological histology, clinical microbiology, research and teaching.

Among other things, we carry out installation, maintenance, inspection and service of research and laboratory equipment.

A/S Aabentoft does not shy away from trips abroad – we cover all of Scandinavia ourselves and offer hotline and support on a number of product types in all of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

A/S Aabentoft also collaborates with all AH Diagnostics branches in Scandinavia.

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